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About us

Yingkou Ruizhi Refractories Co., Ltd. is located in the magnesia city of China, Dashiqiao City, which is very rich in magnesia resource. Ruizhi Refractories is a professional manufacturer of refractory material for high temperature melting furnaces.

Ruizhi Refractories has more than 10 sets of different kinds of brick pressing machines, two of them are 1250 tons friction press and four are 630 tons friction press, and some other types of brick press. Besides, Ruizhi Refractories also has six dry kiln production lines. We are in the leading position for production technology, some of Ruizhi products are advanced internationally. Ruizhi Refractories has a complete set of experimental and testing machines to effectively monitor the whole production process.

Ruizhi Refractories’ main products are: Refractory material for converter, electric arc furnace, ladle, LF furnace, tundish, foundry ladle, torpedo ladle, etc. Shaped refractories like magnesia carbon brick, magnesia-alumina carbon brick, magnesia spinel carbon brick, alumina-magnesia carbon brick, carbon free spinel brick, alumina sic carbon brick, etc.; unshaped refractories like repair material, dry vibration mix, nozzle filling sand, gunning mix, ramming mass for electric arc furnace bottom, etc.

Ruizhi Refractories’ main domestic customers are Baogang Group, Valin LY Steel, Xiangtan Iron & Steel, Jiangxi PX Steel, Lingyuan Iron & Steel, AN Steel, etc., and Ruizhi Refractories products have been exported to Indonesia, Iran, America, Canada, etc.

With the corporate philosophy of “Forge Ahead, Achieve Top ”, Ruizhi Refractories is willing to have a better future with you.


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