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Can clay refractory bricks distinguish the quality from the color

clay refractory bricksClay-based refractory bricks refer to heat-insulating refractory products made of refractory clay with an Al2O3 content of 30% to 48%. Refractory clay, floating beads, and refractory clay clinker are used as raw materials, mixed with binder and sawdust, and then batched, mixed, shaped, dried and fired.
The quality of clay bricks is not only related to the raw materials, but also inseparable from its mixing ratio and firing process, so we can distinguish its quality by the color of the clay refractory bricks. details as follows:

1. The color of clay refractory bricks is generally light yellow and brownish yellow, sometimes dark brown, and sometimes brown and black spots. Dark brown means high iron oxide content, light yellow and yellow are relatively normal colors .

2. The color alone cannot judge the quality of quality. The light color does not indicate high refractoriness, because there are also many white impurities in the clay refractory bricks. If they are high in the refractory bricks, the color of the clay refractory bricks can be lighter, but the refractoriness will be reduced.

3. It is possible to purchase clay refractory bricks with yellow and light yellow appearance, but the melting point of refractory bricks needs to be precipitated, so that the guaranteed sintering temperature has been reached.

Of course, when purchasing clay refractory bricks, we cannot distinguish its quality by color alone. We have to consider multiple factors to purchase high-quality products.



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